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Stephanie Laird

Equine Sports Photography

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with horses. If I wasn’t in the saddle I was cleaning tack, grooming horses, mucking stalls, working for a veterinarian, learning to shoe, reading, dreaming or studying about them. Burying your face in a horse’s neck and breathing in their being was enough for me. I was a horsewoman from day one, it was in me even though my family didn’t come from a horse background.

The passion for photography came later in my life. I reminisce about my youth from time time, about my adventures overseas where I rode the public footpaths of England from top to bottom and, literally, side to side, with film camera in hand. Back then, I had no idea what I was doing with photography but knew I loved capturing memories. Knowing that I loved documenting our ”fur kids” lives with our little point and shoot, my husband decided to surprise me with a DSLR for Christmas. At the time, my husband had no idea what would unfold from there!

My two hobbies have collided and formed a united passion of riding and photographing horses. I work a full time non-horse or photography related job so having my hobbies join together has been a joy. Thank you all for taking the time to view and buy from my website, your support is the reason this website exists and thrives. I can’t wait to see you at the next event and happy saddle time to all!

Our Kids

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“Cinnamon” (Fine Felina) is our herd boss. She was born in 2003 and been in the family since she was 2 years old. She’s our “sports car”. Drop the reins and stay out of her way, this mare has known the right thing to do on a cow since the word go. She’s 14.3 and 1125 lbs and full of tude, the kind of sassy woman that you can’t help but love. There isn’t anything this mare won’t try and do well the first time. She’s probably the most special to my hubby, they are two pees in a pod. She was diagnosed with navicular early spring 2014 and then ruptured a hind extensor tendon that same summer playing in her paddock. She’s currently our designated pampered pasture pet, enjoying her turn out time with the herd and being spoiled.

“Calvin” (Kings Blue Deck) is our roany pony, standing at only 14.2 freshly shod, although stand next to him and you won’t believe it. Being foundation bred, he's built like a tank, no joke. He’s 1220 lbs and rides like a “big horse”. He was born in 2005 and we brought him home as a 2 year old. He’s incredibly cowy, you can hardly see his ears during a run. When he was 2, we had him loose in the arena while we were working a few lead steers.  He would wait until a steer was cut, dart in, work it on his own and cut it back to the herd. He had a ball working the cows on his own. Calvin thinks arena work is fun if it involves a steer, mechanical or live, doesn't matter to him. Then haul him and ride the hills to your hearts content, he's so versatile and so willing to do anything. He’s our little man with a big sweet heart.

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“Bug” (HQH Cupids Dee), he’s a 2009 model, stands 15.1, weighs in at a whopping 1300 lbs. He had 30 days as a 2 year old and then another 15 days as a 4 year old, other than that, he was out with his herd until we bought him. He was hard to catch, touchy to halter and his skin crawled when you touched him, but despite that, he was so incredibly gentle in every way. He’s an introverted horse with trust issues but has a sweet whimsical personality once he drops his guard, and that he has, he's my pocket pony. There is not one mean bone in his body, he's a tank, smart, inquisitive, savvy and has a huge heart. Today he comes up to greet you and enjoys attention and saddle time. Photo Credit: Tom Laird.

"Roxy" (Lady Idaho) is an April 2020 Red Roan Filly.  She is a bit of a princess diva in the making I think!  She LOVES her stall and shavings, turn out time with her buddy and long naps stretched out.  She's getting exposed to a lot of things and we're having so much fun playing with her.  She's very quick footed and we can't wait to see how she comes along.    



Twizzler "Twiz" (Triple Jack Frost).  May 2020 Sorrel Gelding.  He's a ham and has such a sweet and friendly personality.  He's Frenchmans Guy bred and still is learning to untangle those gangly legs during turn out time!  Twiz is your typical boy, who needs shaving blah, he's fine taking his naps in the dirt.  He enjoys his friends, LOVES food and is the first one to come up and greet you for some scratches.

Meg and Molly, our Tabby House Panthers.  They joined our family late Jan 2019 as 4 month old rescues.  They, along with 2 other kittens, were found on a construction site in Boise at ~2 weeks old, no mamma kitty to be found.  They were bottle fed, handled and loved by a wonderful foster family.  Once their veterinary care was complete (spayed, vaccinated, wormed etc), we brought them home!  Our house is once again alive with the thundering sound of kitty paws playing and with cuddle time purring.

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"Pepper" born 02/29/20 (Leap Year Baby).  She's a full size Australian Shepherd Black Tri Female.  Seems like yesterday that we brought her home but she's not a puppy anymore, they grow up on you so fast!  Her herding instinct is very strong but funny enough she's terrified of anything bigger than her, so no herding cows and thankfully no teaching her not to chase the horses!  She loves going out back for a run, chasing gophers, seeing the vet staff, playing with her humans and destuffing all toys.  Her dislikes are vehicle rides as she never got over getting horribly car sick and learning new tricks.

Tater, Fawn Female Pug, born June 2020.  She joined our family at 8-1/2 months old.  She's a tiny tot at just barely 11lbs...although she can take down our 50lb Aussie in a split second with a piranha bite to the achilleas tendon, odd pairing but they play so unbelievably well together!  She's got the normal pug personality and then some, she's pretty stinkin' funny and cute.  She loves food, oddly enough baths, 4-wheeler rides rides, tug of war and cuddles on the couch.

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